100 x LSD 100mcg Parvati Tears (laid with 99.5%+ pure limited edition Needlepoint crystal)


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Buy Parvati Tears LSD

We are happy to present you a reedition of our old print called Parvati Tears laid with 100mcg of probably the purest crystal we’ve ever came across (EC tested at 100%) each.
Blotter tabs are 8x8mm large, thick and tasteless. Buy Parvati Tears LSD

0.5 – 1 hit – light – medium trip, enough for beginners or inexperienced users to get a basic feeling on what LSD is. You will experience an enhancement of colours and sounds and a general shift of consciousness.
2 hits – medium – strong trip, suitable for most of the experienced users. Visuals can be strong on this dose and you might have some problems with communicating with others if you are sensitive.
3-4 hits – strong – a very strong trip, if you don’t have a tolerance, better stay in a safe place and prepare to sink deeply into your mind
5 hits + – well, if you take such a dose, I suppose that you really know what you are doing 🙂 enjoy the white light.


79 reviews for 100 x LSD 100mcg Parvati Tears (laid with 99.5%+ pure limited edition Needlepoint crystal)

  1. 0****u

    Authentic tabs. 8DD to Aus. Decent stealth. Would order again!

  2. p*****o

    No nonsense fast shipping and exactly what I ordered

  3. j****o

    Best I have had in a long time. you better get it quickly before I buy out the rest

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    Some of the best tabs ive had, need to stock up on these! Very quick shipping and good stealth. Will be back!

  5. h***t

    Arrival was surprisingly fast, and the tabs had me feeling refreshed. Will be ordering again in the future!

  6. r*****i

    fast delivery well packaged exactly as ordered couldnt ask for more

  7. h******u

    1 tab or a nice light trip, i take 2 tabs to get to where i wanna be tho

  8. d****y

    Right on time.These are my fav.Stay up playa

  9. s*****m

    Best stuff ive tried on the CN fast shpping

  10. j*****v

    first purchase. perfect.

  11. i****n

    not only is it an unbeatable product but the seller included my love letters in the package amazing serve above and beyond i will be returning

  12. f****o


  13. l****b

    Powerful tabs. Would definitely buy again.

  14. w****v

    Super fast shipping cant wait to try the tabs.

  15. s*****f

    Good stuff. Buying more soon

  16. b****c

    came in scary fast, but thats just how good this vendor is. A+

  17. d*****b

    Very potent

  18. i******m

    Quick and stealthy thanks for the business

  19. z******c

    arrived unbelievably quick and amazing stuff

  20. v*****v

    great quality fast shipping thanks!

  21. n*****q

    Fantastic stealth, quick shipping and quality tabs. This shit is so good. Clean trip.

  22. m****3

    Amazing experience. 2 day delivery.

  23. d*******x

    Repeat customer. Fast delivery, good product!

  24. d****g

    me an two other people tripped our asses! definetly give dudes tabs a try. thanks man!

  25. m*****i

    999999999/10 Absolutely phenominal in every way everyone was right.

  26. d*****j

    Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Great stealth. Great product. Definitely will be back.

  27. f****w

    Top notch! product tests true purple to Ehrlich as it should and its effects are clean and beautiful! THANK YOU !

  28. v****4

    Amazing vendor! 4 days t2d and cleanest product I tried, will definitely be back for more. Stealth great considering its paper

  29. d******d

    freaking legit

  30. t******5

    Repeat customer, amazing as always. 3-4 days to door. Get ready to experience true bliss

  31. q*******7

    Super happy, got it within 2 days. Westcoast USA

  32. I*****4

    fast shipping and fire product knocked me on my ass

  33. s*****2

    Arrived fast, no issues! A+

  34. 5*****f

    I will be back for more soon without a doubt. Great stealth and fast shipping.

  35. t*****9

    tests consistent for LSD using ehrlich hoffman and mecke reagent

  36. e********6

    tests consistent for LSD using ehrlich hoffman and mecke reagent from WIM

  37. m*****k

    very pure good shit

  38. w****j

    My guys say this is the best lsd they have ever had. Shipping was faster than my regulars also so 10 out 10 will be back. Thanks twisterz

  39. q*****t

    Good stuff, dosage seems reasonably accurate

  40. f******j

    quick and 100%discreet shipping. highly recommend

  41. d******g

    Thanks for providing GG products at reasonable prices with quick shipping and great stealth

  42. x******z

    Stealthy. Swift. Sweet.

  43. b****v

    Good tabs and as potent as other ones I have had

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    Fast shipping. Legit Product what more can you ask for.

  45. v******5

    Extremely fast shipping, 3BDs. Great stealth. Thanks for the extra tab!

  46. n*******n

    Quick shipping, and good stealth. Had a Great trip! Would buy again.

  47. x*******c

    Got our acid in 7 days. Amazing stealth. Will definitely order again!

  48. L******w

    Good stealth. Quick deliver. One tab not so potent as I expected. Hope to get better effects on two or more

  49. m****M

    Quick and easy transaction. Package came in great stealth. 100% would recommend.

  50. v******3

    second time ordering and perfect both times. great stealth and awesome product. really uplifting stuff at small doses

  51. r***r

    Im always coming back. Solid product. There is also different artwork on either side of the tabs which Ive always thought is neat as hell. Buy with confidence.

  52. b*****x

    Good stealth fast shipping made ehrlich reagent turn purple as it should

  53. x****c


  54. w******2

    The tabs look great will buy again

  55. g*****1

    Quality trip, very quick shipping

  56. b*******k

    super pure and insane shipping

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    good stealth quick shipping no complaints

  58. 7******k

    Always comes through with the goods Thank You

  59. d******s

    1.5 week to AUS great stealth though

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    always great to do business with

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    Good stealth, fantastic shipping time. Thank you! I will definitely be back!

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    Happy holloween!{^_^

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    Very quick delivery to Europe. Very good quality. Thank you

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    Stealth was abosolutley the best Ive seen so far If I was not looking I would have easily thrown it away as a bill T2D 3 days to conculed 5of5 shipping speed 5of5 shipping stealth 5of5 professionalism Will be ordering again

  65. e*****e

    Fast delivery. First trip Ive taken in 30 years. Aloha.

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    Fast delivery and high quality

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    great tabs at a great price and very speedy shipping. 2 day from shipped to door

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    Amazing quality and stealth, returning customer and will be back!

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    Quick delivery great stealth and a great price

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    fast AF shipping lit got here before several orders days apart and this was the last one placed always the best for last thanks

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    3 days from order to door amazing

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    Product was great and arrived quickly!

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    sorry for the late review good quality would recommend vendor

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    Real LSD tested with Ehrlich test. Had a great trip. Fast delivery.

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    great stealth great product

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    great stealth great product 2 weeks down under

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    Great product, fast delivery will get more

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