70x Eye Blotter laid with 300µg LSD *White Fluff XTAL*


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We are happy to offer you here 5x of our Eye Blotter, each is laid from us with 300µg LSD from our white fluff xtal.
We call it white fluff because it is very white and fluffy, but from quality view you can also call it needlepoint because we remove all impurities!

The blotter sheet is printed with vegetable ink on chlorine free paper and perforated with a machine.
After that it gets laid from us with our white fluff xtal.
So we can ensure you highest quality and promise you that you get what you order!

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We have checked the quality of the xtal with an HP/LC Analysis before we laid it on the blotter.
So we can foreclose any impurities and ensure that the dosage you are ordering is as described!
Thats why our lsd maybe seems stronger than the usual 300µg blotter. Buy Eye LSD Blotter
Depending on your experience maybe you will be surprised how 300µg are going to work with you 😉

We made this blotter for more experienced users who are searching a deeply psychedelic experience, unexperienced users should start with our 100µg blotters / drops
or maybe go with our 200µg blotters / drops if 100µg can be proper handled.
Always take care of proper set & setting, especially at higher dosages! Buy Eye LSD Blotter

--> Dosage 15 µg:
Threshold dosage, first effects can be noticed.
--> 25µg – 75 µg:
Mild physical and mental effects.
--> 75µg – 150 µg:
Usual dose which is used on raves/partys nowadays.
--> 200µg – 300µg:
Strong & colorful trip. The father of LSD, Albert Hofmann, has taken 250µg during his first lsd test of his own choice.
--> 300µg – 500µg:
Intense psychedelic experience, collective mind, very strong visuals, should be only taken by experienced users!
--> 500µg – 1200µg:
Extremely high dosage which is used in the psychedelic therapy.
--> 1200µg+:
Maximum effects that LSD can reach, increase of the dosage now only extends the trip duration!

--> Trip duration Total = 8 – 12 hours
--> Onset = 15 – 30 minutes
--> Come up = 45 – 90 minutes
--> Peak = 3 – 5 hours
--> Offset = 3 – 5 hours
--> After effects = 12 – 48 hours

Buy Eye LSD Blotter

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  1. h*****t

    Nice stealth. Have not tested yet but everything looks good.

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    Wow that was fast!

  3. x*****y

    Awesome Stealth, Fast to normal shipping time. Havn´t tried the acid. Thanks!

  4. a*****j

    NO SCAMMER problems been solved. top vendor

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  6. d******s

    5DD, tested positive with ehrlich reagent for LSD.

  7. f******i

    received in France very quickly GG

  8. m*****i

    Superb Stealth with good packaging and a very good cleen product.

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