400mg of Pure Powder 2C-B HCl


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Pure 2C-B HCL Powder

Buy 400 mg of 2C-B HCl powder. Sourced directly from manufacturer.

Lab Tested to be 85% purity upon synthesis

Buy 2C-B HCL Powder

This euphoric psychedelic gives the effect of LSD and xtc combined into a clean journey of happiness.

The trip will induce a warm peaceful feeling with a soft euphoric feeling. In combination with for example psy-trans music and/or interesting visuals it will be one of the more interesting psychedelic experiences you can have.

13 reviews for 400mg of Pure Powder 2C-B HCl

  1. n****d

    Came really fast. way faster than I expected which was great. havent tried them yet. satisfied

  2. 1*****v

    fire again and quick transit.

  3. u**f

    holy fuck that shipping is fast. product A+ found my new go-to!

  4. a***d

    Amazing product slaps and crazy fast shipping thanks twisterz!

  5. 3*****r

    Very fast shipping, ordered Saturday received Monday

  6. 9****f

    Fast Shipping. Good packaging.

  7. y*****e

    Fast shipping. Good stealth. Happy customer.

  8. 4****g

    Incredible experience!! Fast shipping! Amazing product! Had a beautiful time. Will purchase from again.

  9. y*******u

    this sghits fire

  10. b****r

    Excellent vendor. Fast ship. Great stealth. Nice fine whiteish yellow powder. Great value. Right on weight. Will come back for sure. Thanks!

  11. f***5

    good stuff really expensive

  12. y****g

    Very fast shipping. Didnt weigh it but quantity looks straight. Reagent tests were all as they should be.

  13. u*****b

    have not used but product passes reagent tests, good packaging but product weight was slightly light

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