Has my order been posted?

If the website showed it’s shipped, It is.

I messaged you, why did you not reply? Are you ignoring me?

No, We’re not ignoring anyone, We get large volumes of Messages a day, we struggle to keep up with messages some of the time hence the need for this FAQ. If your message has not had a reply in 2 Days, you can BUMP it, If its Urgent, Title the message as URGENT. Please ensure you include all relevant information in you message.

I Have ordered more than one product to the same address, Will this be sent as one package?

We try to ensure that all multi orders are bundled, Unless requested otherwise by customer. To ensure a combined order, state your multiple order with your address.

Can I have a free sample

No. We get this question so many times, if we would send it to everyone who asks we would be out of business.
If you buy often and large quantity’s from us we can send you a sample of another
But please. If you are not; don’t ask for it!

My order has still not arrived ?

If your order hasn’t arrive we will have to find a solution.
Please send us a message with your details like order date, order number, product ordered and country it was send to.

I Have a special request, How do I do this?

For all orders that have any special request, This MUST be placed with your address in the “Order notes” box in checkout  and not in a PM as during busy periods orders will be processed before messages.