5G Uncut Premium Colombian Fishscale Cocaine


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Buy Uncut Colombian Cocaine

Our cocaine comes straight from Colombia which is known to be the cleanest best quality cocaine you can get. TESTED AT 93% We pride ourselves with the best quality and want you to enjoy your money’s worth so go ahead and order with peace of mind.

This coke will NOT make you jittery or leave you with any anxious side effects all you will notice is you will want more and more and more. Very easy going and smooth when going up the nose, nice back drop and no blocked nose the next day after use. Oily Texture, Shiny. SMELLY untouched cocaine CREAM OFF THE CROP

Colombian Cocaine For Sale Online

This premium cocaine will come rocky as possible on all purchases.

You will get exactly what is in the image no bait and switch.
The product is uncut right from the brick.
As always the product will speak for itself! Buy Uncut Colombian Cocaine

Pure Colombian Cocaine

Always be cautious Cocaine is highly addictive.
Use drugs for recreational purposes only

64 reviews for 5G Uncut Premium Colombian Fishscale Cocaine

  1. o*****d

    First and second order ok, last order really low quality product

  2. s******p

    Amazing as always best in the bizz Ttd 3days amazing quality best stealth in the game thank you i will be back

  3. o******b

    quick delivery, good stealth. coke is legit!

  4. x*****j


  5. v*****g

    Smells good

  6. l***h

    4DD – Top Quality!

  7. d********w

    Honest seller great gear thank you

  8. l***c

    Brilliant, highly recomend!

  9. l*****y

    Good service and product

  10. s***p

    TenTen product and great stealth and overall service. 5/5

  11. s*****7

    2DD. Product great. Came in smell proof wrapping.

  12. 0*******v

    2DD on weight good stealth good product thanks DD

  13. c*****k

    hi arrived today but thanks will come back again 5*

  14. a*****r

    great stuff, trusted seller thank you

  15. u*****j

    very good stuff for it being older product. melted at 205 degrees F. great descrete shipping and quick delivery

  16. l*****r

    Absolutely legit. Ive never had coke this clean before in my life. So potent. No jitters. Clean drip. Everything about it is perfect.

  17. z*****0

    It washed down a bit but good quality, shipping and stealth

  18. r****h

    Definitely some good euphoric raw and shipped in a timely manner. Edit this is some serious gas will def be back for more.

  19. o*****b

    No powder. Just three big rocks. All negative feedback is definitely from his competition. Shipping speed always fast. Stealth great. Quality is great. Price is easy to work with. Love it.

  20. y*****k

    great stealth and super fast shipping. quality looks and smells great. 4 rocks . excellent vendor

  21. b****o

    great comm and crazy fast ship mostly rock with some flakes

  22. o*****u

    Holy shit that was the fastest shipping ever. Ordered Sunday morning at like 2 am and it got here the next fucking day. Literally 32 hrs after I placed the order. Damn good stealth and a dope bag. Definitely fire coke But felt more like 70 to 80 percent pure. Although Im not an expert. Definetely the best yay for the price. . Good shit bro

  23. q*******w

    4dd. Product A+ 5 out of 5. Stealth pro.

  24. w********h

    Got the goods, went way beyond my expectations!!

  25. h*****h

    This batch happened to be quite rough on the nose. Left my nose plugged up for days. Quality was definitely still there – thanks!

  26. c*******d

    This is a really good batch

  27. o*****t

    Fast shipping and perfect stealth. Came in 1 big rock no powder. product is straight fire and i highly recommend.

  28. f****k

    Came on time in one big rock and was very clean

  29. g*****t

    Fast stealthy and top notch product. Will buy again for sure.

  30. r*****o

    no issues here stealth was great havent tried yet but looks good.

  31. t*****d

    Solid stuff – stealth on point – quick turn around – found my new go 2

  32. s*****h

    6 days shipping – thank you! Haven’t tried yet but smells good

  33. d****n

    Fantastic product.

  34. x*******8

    tested it and really smooth clean. shipping was fast af and stealth on point . no complaints. will be back

  35. y*****1

    shipped quick as hell. quality stealth. update. fire quality do not hesitate

  36. t******g

    flawless transaction as always 3 days T2D best stealth in the game and quality is the best you can find as always thank you i will be back soon

  37. 6****f

    Fire product. Came in one big rock. Took 7 days T2D but with Sunday Veterans Day and Covid im not surprised. Will definitely be back. Thanks!

  38. i*****0

    isnt 90 percent more like 70 shipping took 4 days goes down smooth, barely any numbing

  39. l*****v

    uper fast delivery. was happy to see this batch still around. lots of small rocks with a little powder. good clean high not speedy

  40. m*****v

    A bit more expensive and a bit less potent than my first order but overall still a quality product and very fast shipping

  41. d******c

    Product is great quality. Soo much better than what I can get locally. Add on to that fast shipping for all the trouble USPS has been having – 5 days t2d and decent stealth leads me to think I found my go to guy

  42. b*****n

    Another great transaction

  43. h*****u

    Some raw ass coke in a timely manner again.

  44. q******e

    perfect stealth! Stuff smells crazy strong and looks amazing!! Big chunky rocks! Cant wait to try it!

  45. x******f

    great quality snd smooth sailing

  46. c****l

    3 days T2D as always, euphoric stuff that makes my nose and mouth numb. love this guy.

  47. z*****8

    6 days t2d. product is definitely decent. stealth was ok. comms were non existent lol sorry for the multiple messages. would use again.

  48. f*****8

    Great stuff, tested negative for fent.

  49. d***j

    fast shipping quality product thankyou!

  50. s******f

    Great product. Fast shipping. Fuck these other haters leaving fake reviews.

  51. w****y

    Good quality for the price and speedy delivery. A+ Seller. Will buy again!

  52. n*****9

    Ordered friday late night and the shit got here monday afternoon. Fat ass rock and FUCKING FIRE. New go to plug for sure. Good shit bro 100

  53. a****r

    a+ shipping stealth and everything else

  54. j****g

    Super Fast Shipping! Excellent Product A++++++ transaction

  55. q*****g

    Solid vendor. Always quick and great product

  56. 4****y

    great product, great vendor fast AF shipping

  57. d****7

    Great as usual on weight speed and stealth. Batch is fairly harsh but Ive done enough business to know thats not the norm. Happy to have twis here!

  58. j***k

    Great, as always

  59. h***p

    super fast ship, even during Thansgiving Week. good weight too. A+

  60. b****p


  61. y***o

    Super Fire Shit as always been rocking since empire! Glad ur back

  62. r*****h

    always a good experience

  63. p***g

    Packaging looked sus at first glance but stealth turned out to be extra good. Baggie was exact right weight and product still had some clumps. Clean high according to friends who tried it. TD2 5 days west coast.

  64. t******p

    right on. made my day. thanks

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