Terms of Service

When making an order, you agree to our Terms of Service.

We ask everyone to check our profile before placing an order or sending a message. A lot of information can be found here.

Welcome to our store , we want all our clients to have the best experience possible when using our service so here a few pointers and tips for doing business with us :

**First go ahead and check our” product Feedback: section so you can be confident that we are not the low life scammers, we have been around , many years.

** Payments are via BTC and Monero , you can purchase quite easily on localbitcoins.com , BISQ , Kraken , just to name a few exchanges, on checkout you will get a BTC and Monero Address to pay for your order on screen and on the email confirmation you will receive

** Full reshipment or refund will be provided with proof of seizure.

** The address must be stated correctly as stated in the address format portion of our profile page, if the address is incorrect we cannot be made responsible for this.

** If you made a mistake on your address and had it sent to P.O.BOX you instantly loose your reship.

** When customers are being unreasonable after trying to resolve an issue they will be banned from any transactions with us and no further help will be provided.

** If we have made a mistake or caused misfortune for you we will always find a prompt solution that favors the customer.

Our terms can see unreasonable but we are not, We like to let our feedback speak for its self, We will not be abused by scammers.

We are always looking for like minded entrepreneurs to network with and do business , contact us nd we can see what we can do together.

Any further questions email us anytime : [email protected]