50x XTC Louis Vuitton Pills 180mg + Ninja Decoy


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Buy Louis Vuitton XTC Pills Online

50 x XTC Louis Vuitton Ecstasy Pills 180mg

These are brown pills, pressed with brown MDMA as they have that iconic sassafras molly smell.

1 or 2 mg of MDMA per KG body weight is the normal dose, of course you can go much higher, but the risk of unwanted side effects will also become higher.

We only buy and sell quality Louis Vuitton XTC pills items. Response can be expected within 24/48 hours. Please take a look in our profile for our terms of service.

Our Psychedelics Empathogens are from extraordinary quality, use with care. If you don’t feel anything just wait, unless you’re VERY experienced and know your limit is high.

Enjoy but don’t use too often, takes the fun and learning process out of it!


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    delivery is very consistent and fast

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    arrived quickly, all is good

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    very happy

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    tip top as always! nice looking pills!

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    perfectly packaged but order early for Xmas ppl

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