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Buy Pure Afghan Heroin

Afghan heroin is in its purest state right now, afghan heroin is uninterrupted making it the top quality heroin known to man.with specs of brown, black white, Light or Beige-tan . Because of its purity.

Smokers will enjoy this a bit more than IV users.

Buy Afghan Heroin Online, Afghan Heroin For Sale

It’ll mix into darker color, I know the IV users prefer it to be clear once mixed but this will give you a good hit despite the appearance.

IV users may find that adding lemon or citrus will help. Buy Pure Afghan Heroin

Our heroin DOES NOT have fentanyl or any harmful additives.

48 reviews for OFFER !! 3g Pure AFGHAN HEROIN….

  1. d****r

    Stealth is good. Gear runs clean. I recomend paying the extra for this better stuff.

  2. m*****d

    Super fast delivery spot on weight and it ran and ran very good ty

  3. b****k

    seller sent half of the order and didnt respond to mesagings

  4. t*****7

    Weight as advertised. Decoy was good. Quality gear runs nice and clean on the foil.

  5. 2****d

    Great Brown, a little sad about the price increase. The most reliable vendor however. Twisterz delivers!

  6. d*****7

    snorting is a bit harsh, but so far the strongest most euphoric H I’ve had in a while

  7. 8*****s

    smeels nice bit powdery but think thats down to the post. Very fast delivery will be back.

  8. b****v

    Came in less than 20 hours! Super speedy delivery good stealth runs nice on foil and packs a punch. Will be back cheers

  9. c********v

    looks and smells great a little bit overweight too, cheers

  10. f*****e

    LIGHTNING delivery as it always has been from this seller. Very good quality product.

  11. f**u

    NDD Literally just had a 50mg line and im fucked hahaha amazing stuff mate thanks so much

  12. z*****d

    Next day delivery. Impressive under during these conditions

  13. f****y

    2DD. Good stuff as always – creamy smoothness, hmmm

  14. h*****p

    great quality and slightly over weight cheers

  15. a****e

    Lovely smoke with legs too. Perfect.

  16. s********d

    Runs extremely clean.

  17. n*****4

    a gram of quality lasted me 3 days halfgram of afghan and ive been nodding all day everyday for four days and im only half way through 1dd and twisterz hooked it up u always get good shit but this is another level be safe if you slam citric acid and filter smoking is ur best friend with this and snorting works i mixed a few drops of vinegar for it to dissolve then saline then snort

  18. f******r

    super smooth sniff every time

  19. f******e


  20. l*****k

    Good shit as always. similar quality of previous orders of brown.

  21. u*****y

    Incredible speed potent product

  22. o******v

    Brown was fantastic for price, came in 4 days. Leaving this late review. Looking forward to trying the new H. Thankyou

  23. v*****i

    NDD every time. What can I say. On point reliable and very very clean gear. Another A+++

  24. p*****y

    Now my preferred option for H.

  25. e****3

    2DD Stealth A++++ Excelent service

  26. j*****0

    Best thing about this seller is the quick dispatch speeds. Great oroduct too though

  27. d*****d

    2DD. Weight on point. Solid product. All good.

  28. s*****x

    Always excellent quality and fast delivery. Perfect.

  29. s*****d

    super clean uncut and pure. Smokes extremely well. A++

  30. w*****e

    NDD excellent stealth top gear super happy thank you

  31. d***f

    fast + potent, what more can i ask

  32. r*******d

    Perfect genuinely the best there is

  33. c********d

    Really nice product

  34. s*****p

    Reliable as always.

  35. x******b

    v potent indeed folks, 1st trans A*

  36. x*****f

    Bang on weight. Smokes great and a useful decoy. What more could you ask for!?

  37. v*****p

    always the best and a very happy customer indeed

  38. f*****y

    leasure to do business ! NDD on Saturday . Everything spot on

  39. g****d

    so potent, respect due

  40. v*****d

    Only 2DD this time. Was expecting a wait due to lockdown. Very happy. Awesome as always. A++++

  41. f***t

    As always top notch. Get it while you can A++++

  42. b*****r

    NDD, always a success with these guys

  43. v*****o

    everything was bueno, satisfactory

  44. z****c

    100% reliable and always good product.Top Vendor

  45. f*****f

    7DD including a Sunday but its gettin g closer to Christmas so thats understandable WAY better than the last batch of this, this shot bles my head off hahaha

  46. h*****f

    3DD due to covid. Another successfull transaction. Top notch gear as always. Runs real clean. Very smooth. A+++

  47. n****8

    Reliable and solid as always being that ray is a truly 5 star vendor

  48. x****z

    very good and smooth! Top seller

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