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Buy HQ Peruvian Cocaine

New in stock peruvians cocaine 90% pure.

Great for cooking if you cook 1 gram you will definitely end up with 8 strips (0.8gr)pure smokable cocaine.
Most of the times 9 strips (0.9gr) but this depends on the way you cook it.

Buy Peruvian Cocaine Online

And for regular use this is the coke you want . It will literally melt when you taste it or sniff it without sandy after feeling.

For questions about cooking and other things you can always send me a message.
I am happy to help you out

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52 reviews for NEW HQ Peruvian Cocaine 5G

  1. i***o

    Very fine product. Took a while to arrive probably due to covid situation.

  2. s****M

    Great Product Quick Shipping Stealth Could Be A Little Tighter

  3. m******2

    Totally worth it, glad I checked him out

  4. m*****v

    Product is fire. Seller is responsive and professional. Will repeat business.

  5. s*****9

    Product is absolute FIRE as usual at a very reasonable price. Fast shipping and great stealth!!!

  6. q****q

    Fast shipping. Mediocore product.

  7. x***2

    fast shipping and awesome blow holy shit life long customer

  8. v****n

    Cant wait to buy more after vacay.

  9. b****3

    Stealth was awesome, package came quick & it was fire. Ordering more as soon as they come back from vacation!!

  10. m*****9


  11. b******M

    best stuff you can find

  12. h******f

    best snow ive ever had and reagent tested completely clean this is the real deal

  13. x******c


  14. w******M

    Fast shipping yet again 4 days coast to coast. Highly recommend

  15. y******5

    beautiful flake. probably the smoothest i have ever put up my nose. absolutely no drip hardly any taste no throat feel or anything i have never experienced something so clean feeling.

  16. l*****K

    ver had a single issue. 3 days to arrive. Overweight yay and great stuff as always!

  17. u********2

    5 days t2d. weight on point. glossy shine. good smell. smooth come up.

  18. z******4

    Excellent fast shipping and stealth. Product tests clean and is a very strong batch. Be careful. Got me some nice big rocks as well. Excellent transaction as always.

  19. 1*****4

    quick and fire. came in 2 rocks and on weight.

  20. v******g

    Quality goods. Received 3 days after order. Fine stealth. Recommended.

  21. 2*****f

    It weighed on point and has strong smell and looks great as advertised. Its quite smooth on the nose and has a clean but strong euphoria that Im very pleased with. Also cooks up great unlike the rose. Highly recommended

  22. b*****c

    Like rocketfuel but in a good way. no Jitters. Genuine good mood. Holy. shit.

  23. e*****q

    youv done it again. this is pure fuego.

  24. h******i

    Fishscale rocks like always. Best blow I have tried in while

  25. d****j

    mucho appreciative

  26. s****a

    The best shit I have had since pandemic started. Second order. Good and strong but this burns my nose did 2 lines side-by-side to make sure. Undeniable. Still great but just wanted people to know

  27. v****w

    Easy purchase, looks and smells great

  28. j*****i

    Best I have ever seen and I have been around a long time

  29. p******o


  30. m****k

    A+ 4dd no complaints. fire product

  31. q****a

    Amazing quality. Very happy customer, will be back.

  32. 0*******w

    package arrived fairly quickly and was overweight. i couldnt be more pleased

  33. x***2

    Fast shipping Solid rock Weight on point Kit tested slight amp in it but not crazy speedy Found a new goto will return

  34. f******w

    Always quick always rock.

  35. y******q

    What can I say exactly what Im looking for and on sale pro status thank you so much strongly recomended

  36. o****q

    Pure right off the brick. Awesome quality

  37. f******k

    Good quality and responsive

  38. c*****m

    holy moly. awesome product right off the brick. slightly overweight and quickest shipping ive ever received from this professional team. thx

  39. a****h

    All good. Very good stealth.

  40. x******z

    Best you will find. Have been a customer for a while and have never been disappointed

  41. k*****f

    gear is fantastic. minimal to extreemly little loss on initial wash. a 2020 must have treat!

  42. g*****h

    aLL u Could asK 4

  43. p*****k

    Big up to this guy. Straight to dark brown on the ez test. Purest shit I have seen

  44. a****x

    GOAT!!!! 10/10 A++++ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  45. f*****v

    excellent product super fast shipping will buy again soon

  46. t****n

    quality is amazing more euphoric than speed which i like

  47. f****n

    pretty good quality a little jittery but pretty good quality

  48. x****g

    good but tasted odd very euphoric and great for sexy time

  49. b***n

    Repeat customer, consistent product and great service . Thank you

  50. v*****c

    Best quality available. Take it slow little bumps make for a chill buzz.

  51. d****h

    Best quality your going to find. Give yourself a couple extra days buffer on your order, this aint amazon.

  52. m****p

    sorry for the delay. good quality and good stealth

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