***** x10 DMT Neon Gummy Worms [500mg] *****



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This listing is for x10 DMT Neon Gummy Worm (500mg) Very Dank !!

These magical treats WILL put any experienced psychonaut in the 4th dimension, hallucinating and having a magical experience.

Packed inside each gummy is 4-Aco-DMT (100mg)

Subjective effects are reported to be nearly identical to those of psilocybin mushrooms and include geometric visual hallucinations, time distortion, enhanced introspection, euphoria, and ego loss.

*** Each gummy is equivalent to 10g of MAGIC MUSHROOMS !!


Please start with 1/4th a GUMMY, wait an hour, and redose as desired.

Light dose 1/4th gummy

Heavy dose 2/4th gummy

Buy DMT Gummy Worms

15 reviews for ***** x10 DMT Neon Gummy Worms [500mg] *****

  1. f****0

    brilliant product fast shipping and wonderful experience

  2. x*****6

    Great Experience! Would recommend again.

  3. g*****w

    Such a trip

  4. d******2

    very professional, excellent everything

  5. d******m

    7 days t2d decent stealth. will be back.

  6. f******Q

    Good shipping speed, good stealth. will be back for sure

  7. v*****e

    Very fast shipping good stealth excellent seller

  8. u*******i

    Discreet packaging 4DD Great product would gladly order these again

  9. b******z

    I was expecting just simple gummy worms But I got 7 gummy worms with a shit ton of 4 ACO DMT powder around them. Best god damn firesale I ever ordered. I did not know DMT edibles even existed! These are my new favorite forms of DMT by far. THANKS !

  10. c****x

    Shipping was on time, trip was excellent. First time ever doing DMT and loved it. Reliable and good comm.

  11. z******b

    threw in an extra 2 good stealth and quick 5/5

  12. b*******c

    thnx bruva always nice doing business

  13. v***e

    Havent tried yet but im excited to! Much better than tasting dmt vapes

  14. j****k

    What an amazing product! My new favortie drug. Great vendor.

  15. r****w

    great experience decently fast shipping

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