3.5g DMT Freebase Crystals


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Buy DMT freebase crystals

2g DMT freebase crystals

This product is extracted from Mimosa Hostilis

The all known and loved DMT. It is highly potent and one of the best psychedelics out there!

Test it! Our product speaks for itself.

38 reviews for 3.5g DMT Freebase Crystals

  1. g****h

    We got the links sorted out and package arrived safely at my door

  2. d****v

    hands down best DMT you will find

  3. f******h

    Always super reliable. Package was delayed a little due to this corona nonsense so he sent a little extra! 😀

  4. g**h

    Good Packaging-Stealth Great buzz clean effect slightly yellow fine sand Harsh smoke but must be the nature of the beast

  5. a*****o

    good stealth excellent dmt best ive ever tried shipped timely overall would highly reccomend

  6. t******f

    4DD – if its the same quality as usual then its fire. About .5g oveR! Thanks

  7. l****f

    nice! arried on the thrid day. havent tried it yet, but smells like heaven and corn tortillas.

  8. x****d

    Looks clean. haveyet to try n test but will. discreet package n smooth transaktion.

  9. d******y

    Smooth process. Fractalized thumbs up.

  10. s***g

    Would like more info about shipping process or timeline Great stealth

  11. b***g

    Quick with great stealth. Seems a bit overweight too, appreciated!

  12. o*******i

    Dude does quality business. Always comes fast. Relatively potent.

  13. z******x

    Fast Shipping and Good Product but Terrible Stealth

  14. r****i

    true pros never lets down opsec shipping stealth comms all A++++++ will return

  15. y****l

    high quality- good stealth- will be back

  16. h****k

    Best DMT. very pure. does not have the gross taste most have because it is very clean

  17. s******h

    came late due to po but was shipped super fast and product looks great!

  18. e******f

    Stealth=bad, Fast shipping product=xcellnt

  19. b****j

    2 day delivery. tested clean with the regeants. Very high quality stuff. Very trippy

  20. a******b

    Came fast. This stuff is INTENSE. LEGIT

  21. i*****v

    The texture consistency and color are all consistent with high purity DMT and the pack was slightly overweight which I greatly appreciate. I took a 30mg test hit and didnt even finish all of it because I nearly broke through and couldnt continue haha. Will definitely be using this seller for all DMT needs and highly recommend!

  22. f****e

    I paid, they shipped. And shipped fast. Overpacked as a bonus.

  23. x*****i

    light speed delivery, thank you!

  24. d****f

    nice packing. product looks good

  25. h****n

    Deez guyz have the best gear and have consistently delivered in record time. Loyal client and will make them my go to.

  26. c****y

    Repeat customer here Always happy You are a god among men sir Thank you

  27. x***f

    quality product but effects resemble DPT more than DMT. No one in my circle remembers anything about the experience but it was intense.

  28. c*****n

    tremendous product and clever stealth passed Marquis and Erlich 3 hit breakthrough. bless you my friend

  29. p******v

    The product had a beautiful color and texture.

  30. v*****r

    Professionally vacuum packed. High quality. No complaints here.

  31. o*****x

    Amazing stuff have not had dmt this visual in a long time highly recommend

  32. g***r

    Most potent DMT I have ever tried. Super fast shipping, even shipped an extra. Much Love!

  33. d***c

    Absolutely wonderful magica ultra potent breakthrough quality product perfect stealth shippinh as fast as it could be

  34. t****e

    Great Stealth/Product

  35. d*****6

    Product is of superb quality. Showed up in two days!

  36. h***r

    good ship speed looks good an smells right well see how it burns

  37. z*****c

    fantastic quality passes Erlich and Marquis spot tests very pure

  38. c****h

    Excellent as allways!

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